About us

Our vision:

Fetch Bags is driven by a single, unifying goal: to create bags that are both practical and fun, while remaining environmentally responsible. We believe that style and sustainability should go hand in hand, which is why we design versatile, multi-purpose bags that are perfect for all occasions. Our bags are a sustainable alternative to the bulky, single-use bags provided by large supermarkets. They are reusable, foldable, and can be easily carried in your pocket or bag. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by using recyclable and biodegradable packaging for all of our products, including our thank you cards, mailing bags, and postage stickers. With every bag, we strive to create a more sustainable future while delivering a great customer experience.


Our founder:

Hi there! I'm Sammy Izundu, the founder of Fetch Bags. I started this company while on maternity leave with my second child, combining my passion for fashion with a desire to make a positive impact on the environment. I've always been aware of the impact of manufacturing on our planet and I wanted to do my part in reducing our reliance on single-use bags.

With that goal in mind, I developed 'Fetch Bags' - a fun and stylish alternative to single-use bags that are practical, lightweight, and the perfect size for everyday use. I believe that style and convenience should not come at the expense of our planet, and that's why I'm proud to offer a product that is both functional and eco-friendly.

I'm passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and I hope that by using 'Fetch Bags', others can join me in this mission. Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit more about me and my company!